Denton Public Library Tour

Querencia announces another public ride!

On November 1st, at 2pm, we’ll be taking a breezy tour of our public libraries in the center of Denton. We’ll be starting at the Emily Fowler branch at 502 Oakland st. We’ll head north to the North Branch Library and come back through the TWU campus to end at Emily Fowler.

The Denton Public Libraries are excellent, free resources for books, journals, dvds, cds, government docs, etc. In their collection, they have many books pertaining to all things 2 wheeled and human powered, including books on BIKE REPAIR! Check them out (literally):

Books on Anything Relating to the Bicycle (fiction and non-fiction)


Books on Bike Trails and Touring (including recommended Texas rides)

Books on Bike Safety

The Library also houses a government document that is very important to our Denton bike community:

The 2000/2001 Denton Parks & Recreation master plan and pedestrian & bicycle linkages plan!!

This plan shows what the City has in mind for bike infrastructure for the future of Denton.

Come exercise and expand your mind for free with us.