We Need a Trailer!

So we’ve had some interesting brainstorming sessions lately at the meetings. Check the meeting minutes (under the QCBS Documents tab) to see what I’m talking about. These public rides are good; they allow us to get in some repair time, but we want more. We get some flats, some minor breakdowns, and bike repair question time at the end, but we still want to educate more. This is the source of constant frustration for us: not having a shop space where we can teach more and hands-on about bike repair.

Until we hear back from the IRS regarding our 501(c)3 status and then find a graciously donated space, we have come up with a solution to do bike repair workshops!

A trailer! Kind of like this:


We will be able to pack multiple “workstations” (consisting of bike repair stand, tools, and maybe a small table) in a trailer along with extra bike parts and supplies. We drag it to one of the places that already wants us to do a workshop on their property, unpack the stuff, and voila! It’s a QCBS Shop Day, on location! A trailer would also come in handy when it comes time to collect people’s junk bikes that they want to get ride of.

So, this is a call to action for our community.


It doesn’t have to be like the one pictured. That is our perfect, dream trailer, but we’ll work with whatever is cheap or free. Even if it’s just an open air utility trailer or an old horse trailer, we’re prepared to put labor into enclosing it.

Email us at info@qcbs.org with any leads.

Let’s get this shop on the road!