shop day evolving


We’re happy to report a few things about shop days:

  1. They’re growing.  There has been a steady stream of new folks seeking repair education every weekend.  
  2. We bought our first complete professional Park Tool set.  It’s not quite everything under the sun, but it’s a good start.
  3. We have work tables to set tools and parts on.  One for each stand!  Oh the luxury. 
  4. We’ve spent a lot of recent time organizing the bicycle inventory.  Now we have general sections for junk/art, need much work, need little work, and complete.  Complete bikes can end up as Green Bikes, bikes for sale (TBA), or to give to children through outreach to local schools.  
  5. We have tons of work to do: disassembly, repair, inventory organization, newcomer greeting, etc.  If you’re interested, stop by on Sundays from 4-6:30 PM.  900 block of Hickory, behind the house with bicycle wheels hanging from the front porch.