SouthSide Ride and Saturday Stripping Shop


Hey Soulful Cyclers,

Let’s join together for another community bike ride and come check out the educational repair shop afterwards!

DixieDev has planned this route – a nice windy tour through SOUTHSIDE. It’ll be about 8 miles.
Meet @ Emily Fowler at 1:30, Leaves at 2pm. Arrive at shop at 4pm.

Shop 4pm – 6pm.
Please, come check it out and participate. The theme for this Saturday is STRIPPING. That’s right, we got a pile of bikes that need to be stripped of all the useful parts so the frames can be sold for scrap metal monies. It will help free up valuable space for us to get more organized and help fund our activities!
And as always, we’ll be teaching each other how to repair and keep them two wheels on the road.

If you want to learn, come.
If you want to teach, come.
Help proliferate this vital knowledge!


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