Bikes-To-Kids Award Ceremony

Bikes To Kids winners

1st place – Evelin Martinez – 5th grade
2nd place – Elizabeth Landeros-5th grade
3rd place – Busra Can- 4th grad

On October 29, 2009, we held an awards ceremony at Tomas Rivera Elementary for the three winners of the Bikes-To-Kids contest.  The winning art entries are really, really, really good, and I’m not just saying that because the art is bike themed.  These kids are truly talented, and the judges were blown away by the creativity and detail in the winning works.  The students worked on these art projects for the month of October, and simultaneously, Querencia volunteers repaired about seven bicycles from which the winners chose.  Denton Police donated new helmets, Sonic donated coupons, and the Hydrant Cafe donated coupons.

Here are the winning entries which will be on display at Emily Fowler Library through November:

1st place - Evelin Martinez

1st place - Evelin Martinez

2nd place - Elizabeth Landeros

2nd place - Elizabeth Landeros

3rd place - Busra Can

3rd place - Busra Can

You can see all of the photos at the Flickr account, and be sure to zoom in and appreciate the detail of these works.  The 2nd place entry even has the “Brooks” logo on the leather saddle!  The other entries in the top 10 were also super good and worth looking at, so feel free to look at all the entries.

Here are more photos from Bikes To Kids:


Repairing Kids' Bikes

Querencia volunteers repairing kids' bikes



Howard Draper addressing the Art Club students

helmets awarded

Lt Tom Woods awarding helmets courtesy of Denton PD

first place medal

Kati Trice awards the first place medal to Evelin Martinez

saddle adjustment

Nic Bagherpour adjusts saddle height


happy sisters with a nice mongoose BMX bike

victory lap

victory laps!

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