fence panel

After two cold, consecutive workdays last weekend, Querencia volunteers erected the wooden perimeter fence at the new shop space at Rubber Gloves.  We ran a generator/stick welder and bolted all the fence posts to the concrete, and then we hung the panels and almost finished the two rolling gates.  It was truly satisfying to accomplish so much despite the cold and the 40mph winds.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped; you are the muscle for progress!

We have a large triangular area west of the RGRS building, and it’s more than enough space for us to hold hundreds of bikes.  We have maybe 200-300 bikes in the backyard shop now, and we could easily fit double that many at the new shop space.

We spent about $900 on the wooden fence panels, and now we’ll need to start purchasing shed-building materials.  If you’re wondering why we’re building sheds and not a larger shop, I can explain.  When we met with the city Planning department to discuss our intentions, they informed us that the Rubber Gloves lot was never platted.  They explained that platting would cost thousands of dollars.  Why does this prevent us from building a larger building (than a shed)?  Because if we apply for a building permit, it will trigger an automatic platting requirement, which would require the expensive survey.  So until that problem is resolved, we’re stuck building 10 X 10 structures or smaller.

We have roughly $2,000 in our bank account, and each shed will cost us about $500. We’ve received one donation to cover the cost of a shed, and we are hoping to buy more dedicated tool sets soon.  We have one Park Tool set now, and it’s seriously overused.

If you have ever considered donating to our cause, now is great time to give, because we have immediate plans for the funds, and we’ll be growing solidly in 2010.  From our work at the Flaming Lips bicycle valet, we received our first Paypal donation ever.  If you’d like to contribute, please hit the Paypal button on this site, and if you need a tax-deduction receipt, just email us at info@qcbs.org and we’ll send one back.


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