Querencia Community Bike Shop

Shop Still Closed


Fellow Dentonites!

An update: although shop has been officially closed, we’ve been present at the typical Saturday 4-6pm hours, working on organization and building in a piecemeal fashion. Now that the intense summer heat is beginning to pass, we’ve decided to revamp the process. WE WILL NO LONGER BE PRESENT ON SATURDAYS. We are now setting a pair of days during the week to devote long consistent work to organization and building, with the hopes of have a public opening within a month or two.

What we’ve done: Thanks to efforts from our many volunteers and generous donations from individuals and community businesses we’ve managed to build a fence around the perimeter, move most of our materials to our new shop, build a system of racks for bikes, build a shed, clean out inventory, and organize access to tools. We’ve still got some building and lots of organizing to do, but we are much closer to being a pretty nice shop for our beautiful community.

We couldn’t have done any of this without support from the community and lovers like yourself. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll have pictures posted soon, as well as information on our grand opening.

As always, if you’re interested in volunteering, we’ve got plenty of organizing, discarding nonfunctional parts, painting, and beautifying to do.  Send us an e-mailarooski if that sounds like your bag.  We’ll let you know when our next workday is.