Community Bike Ride!

Howdy.  This Saturday is the first of the month, which means that we’re set for another community bike ride.  In light of this gorgeous weather that has befallen us, we’ll be venturing out into the country a wee bit.

We’ll meet at Emily Fowler at 1:30pm and leave around 2:00pm.  Then we’ll go down Oak west of I-35 to ol’ Jim Christal.  From that point on we’ll enjoy the warm sun, cool breezes, and grazing cattle.  Beware of ponies though.  Many cyclists, entranced by the ponies’ cuteness, have lost sight of obstacles and fallen over.  We’ll probably make it over to the airport and back.  The whole ride should be about 8 miles.  We’ll be traveling at a leisurely pace and have a couple of breaks.

We’ll see you there!

Families Welcome / Helmets encouraged!