Querencia to expand to Denton square


Since we started in 2006, we’ve operated out of backyards, garages, and the Rubber Gloves space on Sycamore St. We’ve always worked outside, and our parts and volunteers have weathered the elements, all year round. In one sense, working outdoors connects us directly to the world and many fantastic days. In another sense, the brutal heat and shivering cold can wear down dedicated volunteers and hardy parts.

Starting January 1st, 2012, we’re growing up and expanding indoors. This week, we signed a lease with the SCRAP (based in Portland, OR) nonprofit for a garage shop space on Cedar St, just off the Denton square. SCRAP is opening this Denton location for their recycled art-supplies, and they’ve graciously agreed to sublease the shop space to us. While much cozier in size than our existing shop, the new location has a roof, bathrooms, classroom, and a mailing address. Why’s the mailing address important? Because it helps us qualify for a wholesale parts account, so we can continue to repair donated bikes with quality tools and replacement parts.

Why the square? It’s the historic, beating heart of Denton, and it’s where everyone wants to be. The new landscaping and wide sidewalks on Cedar St make it an unbeatable opportunity, and an incredibly pleasant place to be. There are restaurants, coffee shops, record stores, and a myriad of nearby destinations. It’s a neighborhood we love and are flattered to join.

Here’s the shop door for the new location, on Cedar St between Oak and Hickory:


We are happy to also announce our Rubber Gloves location will stay intact, as we’ll be hosting internal shop days there in the much larger space. We overflow with gratitude towards Rubber Gloves and the owner, Josh Baish, for our two years of $1 residence, and we look forward to continuing the cohabitation.

What can you do to help? Volunteer time, donate money, donate bikes and parts. All of those things help us operate and pay the bills, so we can focus on our goal: helping people repair bikes. We welcome use of our shop for working on your own bike, but we ask that you repay the kindness by volunteering 30 minutes of time or a few dollars. With the shop expansion, our costs go up, and your donations will be even more helpful than before.

Will there be a party to reopen the new shop?


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