Recent Build: Austin’s Western Flyer

2012-12-22 15.48.48

Bringing bikes back to life is our trade, but the bulk of our projects are for utilitarian purposes; for people who have no other means of transportation. Austin Weller and Kenny Failes visited our shop many months ago to see what we were all about. Austin was in the market for a nice bike that he could ride to campus but did not want to spend a ton of money for a new bike with sub-par components and who knows what other manufacturing “compromises.”

As they were scoping out the shop space their eyes fell on this bright orange frame, buried underneath a pile of rusted bikes and wheels. They dug it out and examined it. They weighted it, checked to see if the tubes were bent. Admired the amount of wear that the bike had. How old was this bike? Did it survive a fire? What sort of story made this frame end up in a place like QCBS? Nobody knew, but decided they were going to rebuild this bike; they wanted to add to the history of this bike. Neither Austin nor Kenny had any bike repair/maintenance/building experience, but that’s exactly why they came to QCBS. Throughout the months, Austin and Kenny would stop by shop digging for hours for the perfect component, or rigorously learning how to put the bike back together. We loved their dedication and the build was slowly starting to grow on us, we dug up some unique components from our “stash” such as a vintage saddle and pedals to help make give the bike a little more personality. Today, Austin and Kenny came and picked the bike up. There’s still minor work to be done, such as wrapping the handlebars (we gave them some vintage cloth tape for being such awesome visitors AND volunteers) and they were on their way.

We snapped some photos showcasing Austin and Kenny’s build. Be on the lookout for this beautiful bike on the streets and bike racks around town! We have many unique frames and components so if you would like to build your own bike be sure to stop by our shops or feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

(click on the photos below to see them larger)

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