HOLY WOW, Querencia is doing stuff!

imagesCAYNMVZ2It’s been far too long good citizens of Denton and various other surrounding areas. We do apologize for our absence in your lives and also for such short notice…but… we are doing stuff tomorrow! For those of you who would like to learn some basics of bicycle repair, shake off those Saturday sleepies and attend the first in a series of introductory classes at 11am. BUT WAIT there’s more!  Come join us after the class in what we hope is the return of our monthly community ride for anyone and everyone of all skill levels. According to the weather wizards it should be above 55 degrees and nice and sunny, aka, perfect bike riding weather. The ride will take off at noon, we shall keep it short and sweet with a nice casual pace for all to enjoy. Following the ride will be our regular Saturday shop in which we hope everyone will stay and either have their bikes worked on or help out with the shop and others. Free high fives for anyone attending. Thank you and hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

For those of you who couldn’t bare to read through the outlandish ramblings of a crazy person here is the low down…

11:00 AM – The first of a series of classes
12:00 AM – A short ride
2:00 PM – Start of shop

With much love and giddy admiration,

Querencia Folk.