FUNdraiser Show!!!

FREE SHOW! COME ONE, COME ALL…well maybe not all…because I don’t think Banter’s occupancy limit is over 7 billion, but anyways…COME SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDLY COMMUNITY BIKE SHOP! We would love to continue to keep our doors open and keep growing and helping out this amazing community we all live in but we need your help and support to do it. The show will be amazing and you will love it and we will all love that you love it. Ride your bike to it and we will love it even more. If you have any bikes, parts, tools or some extra cash just laying around taking up space that you’d like to see get put to use? Bring them and we will love them and say thank you! Don’t have any of that stuff? Just bring your amazing self and show us your support by just being there, and maybe giving one of us a hug…because we could always use more hugs. But, despite not paying any of our wonderful volunteers, we do have bills to pay so stuff would be swell. We love you, and your bikes too. Even if you can’t make it please take a second to share this even with all of your friends because without our communities support we would cease to exist…and that would make us sad because we like existing.


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