TWU Offers Commuter Options for Students

Monday, TWU hosted their Non-Trad Student Open House to encourage non-traditional students to take advantage of the services and organizations that TWU offers to all of its students.  They find that non-traditional students—those students who are parents, veterans, or have started school later in life—are not always aware of the options available to them.  TWU’s Commuter Services also finds that it’s these students who are most likely to commute in from outside of the city.  They want to show these students how bike friendly TWU can be with a new bicycle repair station at the Student Union building.

Querencia was there to assist in promotion and demonstration of the repair stand.  A few cyclists stopped by for the convenience of the air pump on their way out for a ride together, as Karl was able to explain the proper method to switch the pump’s valve lock from Schrader to Presta.

The station from Dero houses quality tools tethered to a bike stand in a compact tower with a pump attached on the side.  The tools include common wrench sizes from 8 mm to 15 mm, a set of allen wrenches, phillips and flat head screwdrivers, tire levers, and a headset wrench.  Also on the bike stand, a QR code can be scanned on the cyclists’ smartphones to send them to the company’s repair website ( that includes tutorial videos on the use of the stand and basic repairs.

TWU is very receptive to bicycle advocacy and is very excited about the prospects for cyclists at the school and within Denton.  TWU Commuter Services would love to see more opportunities, such as group rides, to help encourage more students and citizens to bicycle, and Querencia would love to help advocacy with TWU and our community however we can!IMG_20141103_155437IMG_20141103_160250 IMG_20141103_160304 (2)