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Need bars?

Tired of hunching over into drop bars? Come get some flat or townie bars, we have a few different styles you can try. Cheap.

Meeting canceled tonight

Whew, brrrr, and yay. We are still cutting, welding, and nailing our new shop fence together at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. The collective council meeting tonight is cancelled, and we’ll simply wait till next meeting to resume.

Flaming Lips NX35 bicycle valet recap

We parked over 200 bikes for the NX35 music conference Flaming Lips concert. No bikes were left behind. Over $200 in tips were made, and those will help us build our new shop on E. Sycamore. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked the valet and made it work so well!  Best of luck to … Continue reading

Jan 30 Fundraiser for permanent shop

Our backyard shop days are numbered, y’all! We’ve found a new home next to RGRS, and we’re raising funds so we can build storage sheds and a fence.  With a permanent shop space, we can expand our hours, publicize the address, be really really close to the upcoming commuter train station, and do that thing … Continue reading

Bikes-To-Kids Award Ceremony

1st place – Evelin Martinez – 5th grade 2nd place – Elizabeth Landeros-5th grade 3rd place – Busra Can- 4th grade On October 29, 2009, we held an awards ceremony at Tomas Rivera Elementary for the three winners of the Bikes-To-Kids contest.  The winning art entries are really, really, really good, and I’m not just … Continue reading

Bikes-To-Kids Preview

We are so giddy about Bikes-To-Kids that we snuck out these spy pics showing some of the art in progress.  The Art teacher says these kids are VERY excited.

New Shop Hours, Saturday 4-6PM

Public shop hours are moving to Saturday 4-6PM until further notice. This applies to our residential backyard shop on Hickory St just off the bike lane.  Now the community rides can dovetail with shop sessions, which can help when bicycle problems are discovered during a community ride.  We do anticipate having expanded shop hours once … Continue reading

03/15 meeting canceled, ride NX35 instead

Due to the super exciting music event this weekend, NX35, we’ll be canceling our standard collective council meeting at Banter this Sunday.  NX35 will have bands playing at Banter and all the venues downtown, so stop by and support these friends of Querencia.  It’s a beautifully bike-able event, with daytime panels at the civic center and music … Continue reading