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Recycle Ride this weekend

It’s been a while since we’ve had a community ride, so we’re bringing it back this weekend for a special tour from Denton’s square over to the city recycling facility for a group tour. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here, or just show up at Cedar and W. Oak on Saturday morning.

square move

Last weekend, we loaded up some cargo bikes and trailers and moved our tools and some basic parts to our new shop on the Denton square, on Cedar St (around the corner from Banter). Like the last move, we did a human-powered move via bikes, and we snapped a few photos of the process:

Querencia to expand to Denton square

Since we started in 2006, we’ve operated out of backyards, garages, and the Rubber Gloves space on Sycamore St. We’ve always worked outside, and our parts and volunteers have weathered the elements, all year round. In one sense, working outdoors connects us directly to the world and many fantastic days. In another sense, the brutal … Continue reading

Shop canceled tonight

It’s frozen and pretty sketchy riding this week, so tonight’s shop is cancelled. If Saturday isn’t crazy cold, maybe we can be open.    

Month of Bike Love – Ladies shop nights at Querencia

Local women’s cycling social group, the Vaginees, is hosting bike maintenance and repair classes every Tuesday night of February from 5:30-7:30PM. ______ FEBRUARY 1ST: “Washing our frames, cleaning our chains and Bike 101” Come to this shop and clean up your bike if your brakes are squeaky and if your chain crunches when you pedal. … Continue reading

First 2011 meeting tonight

Tonight will be Querencia’s first meeting of 2011 and first meeting in many, many months. These meetings are open to the public, of course, and we welcome newcomers! 8PM, Banter Coffee.

New Wednesday 5-7PM shop hours

Folks, thanks to the unstoppable volunteerism of Nick Magruder, we now have a Wednesday 5-7PM shop until further notice.  Get out there and keep him busy!    

Sycamore shop open

We are happy to announce that our 411 E. Sycamore location opened on Dec 4th, and we’ll be open henceforth (but closed for Christmas and New Year’s Day). If you want to volunteer or need help repairing a bike, please come visit us between 3-5PM on Saturdays. Check the weather and dress accordingly, since our … Continue reading

pegboard progress

After 3 years of very disorganized tools scattered across multiple boxes, having pegboard is truly amazing.

Calling all bike trailers, help us move!

Calling anyone with a trailer or cargo bike in DFW: we need your help.  Badly. We’re trying to move our sizable inventory of bikes, parts, and tools this weekend.  And we’d like to do it all by bike. To be honest, we have almost no bike trailers to use, and we badly need more if … Continue reading