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Shop Still Closed

Fellow Dentonites! An update: although shop has been officially closed, we’ve been present at the typical Saturday 4-6pm hours, working on organization and building in a piecemeal fashion. Now that the intense summer heat is beginning to pass, we’ve decided to revamp the process. WE WILL NO LONGER BE PRESENT ON SATURDAYS. We are now … Continue reading

Querencia Community Ride this Saturday, June 5th @ 11am

We love riding the streets of our city! You know what else we love? Eating fresh mulberries and wild grapes right off the vine! Join us for a tour of Denton’s edible plants as we do some urban foraging together! This Saturday! Querencia Community Ride @ Emily Fowler Library @ 11am This Month’s Theme: URBAN … Continue reading

Calling all bike trailers, help us move!

Calling anyone with a trailer or cargo bike in DFW: we need your help.  Badly. We’re trying to move our sizable inventory of bikes, parts, and tools this weekend.  And we’d like to do it all by bike. To be honest, we have almost no bike trailers to use, and we badly need more if … Continue reading

Hickory shop permanently closed

It’s been great, y’all.  Our Hickory street shop has housed our bikes, tools, and open shop days nearly every single weekend of 2009. As all good things must end, we are officially closing this shop while we complete construction and the move to the new shop on E. Sycamore, next to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios … Continue reading


After two cold, consecutive workdays last weekend, Querencia volunteers erected the wooden perimeter fence at the new shop space at Rubber Gloves.  We ran a generator/stick welder and bolted all the fence posts to the concrete, and then we hung the panels and almost finished the two rolling gates.  It was truly satisfying to accomplish … Continue reading

Meeting canceled tonight

Whew, brrrr, and yay. We are still cutting, welding, and nailing our new shop fence together at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. The collective council meeting tonight is cancelled, and we’ll simply wait till next meeting to resume.

Flaming Lips NX35 bicycle valet recap

We parked over 200 bikes for the NX35 music conference Flaming Lips concert. No bikes were left behind. Over $200 in tips were made, and those will help us build our new shop on E. Sycamore. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked the valet and made it work so well!  Best of luck to … Continue reading